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  • What do you use to actually sequence all the lights that you wish to control?

Note: It seems that FireFox is having problems downloading files from the wiki. Please use another browser until Mozilla repairs the problem. rr Nov 23, 2011

Lynx Software

Windows Programs

Programmer Application Short Description Lynx USB Dongle EtherDongle Hardware Compatible
DMX PixelNet DMX Pixelnet
RJ LE Config Utility Set Start Address and Light Curves for LE Y N N N Lynx Express
RJ Lynx Address Utility Set Start Address for SSR4-DMX, MR16, Freestyle Y N N N SSR4-DMX, MR16, Freestyle, Aether
RJ DMX Deck Slider Controls (Light Levels) for 16 selected channels Y N N N LE, SSR4-DMX, MR16, Freestyle
RJ SS Setup Utility 7-10-2011 Smart String Controller Configuration N Y N Y SSC, DSC (Only sets the start address for the DSC)

Device Firmware

Please see the Equipment page for all firmware


Audacity is a free audio editing software program and is available on the web. Primarily used by DIYers to edit songs for use in their presentations/ Christmas Light Shows.

Light Show Pro (LSP)

LSP is commercial based software with many advance features and support for a board range of hardware. Both David and Ryan monitor DLA forums and their own forum to help users and quickly update the program. LSP can be purchased or demo download at LSP


Vixen is free software written by KC for do-it-yourself lighting automation displays. Vixen is geared towards the do it yourself person with support for all the current, as of May 2008, DIY Controllers with a broad base of plug-ins.

  • Vixen 3updated link by RR 12/24/14
  • Vixen 2 updated link by RR 12/24/14

USB Lynx Dongle



xLights controls your holiday lighting displays. It currently consists of a testing module and a scheduling module. It can control a variety of lighting networks including LOR, D-Light, DMX, and Renard. And it runs on Windows, Mac OS/X, and Linux.

Programming & Drivers

PIC Programming

  • Pickit2 Stand Alone Programmer Appver 2.61
  • Pickit3 Stand Alone Programmer Appver 1.0
    • Pickit3 Stand Alone Utility v3 Beta Not recommend with Smart Strings Devices - Use ver 1.0 above.
      • Updated Device Database File: PK2DeviceFile.dat (Includes support for PIC32MX795F512L) *You will need to rename the file from .hex to .dat before copying to your PICkit3 installation folder. SPECIAL NOTE: Some users have experienced issues with flashing the EtherDongle PIC using the v3 Beta. If you have flashed the EtherDongle using v3 Beta and it does not appear to work (no PixelNet output), re-flash the PIC using the v1 Stand Alone Utility above.

Always check the latest version of the software on their site. If a new version come out please update the link or let us know.

FTDI Driver Software

TeamSpeak Chat

Software to allow you to chat with the DLA crowd

NOTE: DLA is using Teamspeak ver 2, ver 3 won't work

Windows Info

  • Get TeamSpeak
  • Download and Install program
  • Once you have the main screen open Right Mouse click and add a new server
  • Server Label = DLA
  • Server Address =
  • Nick name = your dla username
  • Leave rest of the options as is

IMPORTANT Go to Menu Settings

  1. Sound Input/Output Settings
    • Change Voice Send Method to PUSH TO TALK
    • Select a key on your keyboard active the speech mode, Select non alpha key (ie: Ctrl, Shift, Alt)
  2. Options
    • Device select (bottom of screen) Microphone (Sound card) external mic

Windows sound menu make sure your mic is not muted

Have fun chatting

Mac Info

  • media:Teamspeex-1.0beta-r408.dmg Get TeamSpeex
  • Download and run dmg file
  • Move teamspeex application to your applications folder
  • Eject dmg file
  • Run teamspeex
  • Click on the Connect menu option
  • Server Address =
  • Nick name = your dla username
  • No password
  • Click connect and you should be in the chat room
  • Go to teamspeex preferences (command ,) and then click on the hotkey tab
  • Select a key you would like to use for Push to talk (ie: I used the fn key)