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The Unofficial WIKI of Animated DIY Lighting and the Official WIKI for WWW.DIYLIGHTANIMATION.COM

Welcome to! and the Main Wiki Page

  • To the left of this page you will find the main navigation links to all the equipment, manuals, how to's and many other things.
  • Feel free to explore and contribute, as it is through you, and your experiences and knowledge that we all learn.
  • This site is all about creating great things and doing so with great people!
  • Technical details will often be written with the US 110v AC lights for most Lynx hardware while the Smart Strings RGB devices are 12v DC.
  • We would like to remind everyone that the information, opinions and recommendations presented within this Web site are for general information only. The information is provided "as is" and there is no guarantee that the information is complete or accurate and as such, should be used for educational purposes only.

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(Comparison Chart, Assembly Manuals, Firmware, Graphics)

There are many more pages to this wiki than what is above. In fact there are 905 in total.

Who created DiyLightAnimation?

Robert Jordan (aka RJ) created the site to allow him the freedom to create hardware to his standards. He decided to give his hardware design a brand name he choose the name LYNX.

DiyLightAnimation Staff

There are a few rules for the forums that we all must follow to make our Home a great place and they are worth repeating here in the wiki.

  1. Every new member must post to the "New Members Introduction" Forum (there are no lurkers here everyone will have a part in the community).
  2. Every member must show basic respect for all other members. Disagreements are fine but personal attacks on others to them or others will not be tolerated.
  3. This is a private board and as such, the Administrators have the final say in what is acceptable and what is not. This includes the practice of banning anyone who is not able to follow the rules and the intent of the board. Everyone has input but it is not a democracy.
  4. All coops will be done in accordance to the rules we as a group set. These rules will be outlined in an announcement on the coop forum as soon as they are finalized and prior to any coops being started.
  5. All transactions involving money will be done as either a coop purchase or as a sale of equipment built for the use of the person selling it, but not in use any longer. THIS IS NOT EBAY!
  6. There are no expectations on anyone who would like to share their work with the community. You are not required to provide any information you do not wish to. Anyone who does so retains all rights to it. This is not an open source community.
  7. I ask that anyone developing in our little world please try to keep non-technical members in mind. We all want to make blinky and if we make the project too hard to build or understand for them then they will shy away from giving DIY a try.