Light-O-Rama Controllers

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Helpful links to Use LOR equipment with DLA

  • DMX-DOC.pdf; Light-O-Rama document showing firmware versions required for DMX operation
  • LOR controllers need to be updated to firmware v4.20 or higher to work in a DMX environment.
  • The only supported way to update the firmware in the LOR controllers is to use the LOR utility. This requires a valid licensed copy of of the Light-O-Rama sequencing software.

Lynx Dongle to LOR 568b and possible D-light cable pinout


DMX Dongle LOR Signal
WHT/OR (1) BLUE (4) D+ (A)
ORANGE (2) WHT/BLUE (5) D- (B)
BRN/WHT (7) GRN (6) D1 Ret (Gnd)
NC!! GRN/WHT (3) +9V

Thanks to Joneslights/Ampfan for the information & corrections.

Sample cable to connect dongle

This is a simple dongle to convert and crossover the blue and orange cable pairs.

It is just a RJ45 keystone jack on one end and TIA-568B plug on the other end.

Lynx to LOR converter.jpg

Sample cable XLR to RJ-45

Thumb Drawing by tpctech

Possible Diagram

Sample drawing of the Lynx Wireless system with a LOR controller